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No Macaca For You

Via Ace, here’s an update on the Washington State Governor’s race:

Off-duty police officers last week forcibly removed a Democratic Party cameraman from a news conference where the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild was giving its endorsement to Republican Dino Rossi.
Guild members threatened the young man with arrest and made an emergency call to 911, bringing uniformed officers to the scene. Cameraman Kelly Akers was warned about trespassing.
“There’s no fine, no penalty, no request for charges,” said Seattle police Sgt. Sean Whitcomb.
Rossi is running for governor against Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire. The incident Thursday was the roughest implementation yet of Rossi’s long-standing policy not to allow Democratic Party workers to record his appearances.
“We don’t allow them in to collect attack video,” Rossi spokeswoman Jill Strait said.
Last week’s clash occurred at the police guild’s headquarters. A guild worker asked Akers to leave, but he kept taping as Rossi accepted the endorsement.


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