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No More Bataan Analogies

A very nice email came in this morning in regard to this post:

You wrote: “Why is the far left so enamored with the phrase ‘Bataan Death March’ and you quoted a story from the Las Cruces Sun-News of New Mexico — an obituary of one Weldon C. Hamilton, a survivor of the Bataan Death March in 1942. Here’s an excerpt from the obituary:
He was my father. And your are right, it is an insulting comparison. Thanks for mentioning him and his struggle.
He was at Bataan and saw the nuclear cloud over Nagasaki that ended the war from a short 20 kilometers away. He suffered as much as anyone could in our first nuclear war and that is not comparable to the democratic primary struggle.
–Donald Hamilton

I wish David Axlerod, Keith Olbermann and everyone else who has used this as an analogy thought the same way.


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