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No! Not That! Anything But That!

An un-commented-upon aspect of this bit of Olber-puffery (to which Byron linked earlier):

“If the Democrats don’t undo a lot of the things that have been done, like the Military Commissions Act and many of the other infringements on freedom, as I see it, there will be a special comment with their name on it,” Olbermann vowed on a recent afternoon, wearing a crisp, striped shirt and suspenders, his large frame hunched over his desk at the cable news network’s Secaucus headquarters.

Again, this is how Olbermann can claim to be tough on both sides: He criticizes Democrats for not being sufficiently committed to undermining Republicans.
And of course, you can imagine how terrified Pelosi, Hoyer and the rest must be. You can almost hear them now, having failed to undo the Military Commissions Act, paraphrasing the immortal words of Lyndon Johnson: “If we’ve lost Olbermann, we’ve lost Americablog.”