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No Olbermann


Keith Olbermann is not hosting Countdown tonight. Instead, former Daily Show correspondent Brian Unger is guest-hosting. He filled in for Olbermann yesterday also.
I guess we’ll have to wait for Olbermann’s explanation for his repeatedly wrong speculation about the imminence of Rove’s indictment.
UPDATE: David Shuster appeared about 20 minutes into the show to explain the completely mistaken prediction he made on the May 8th edition of Countdown, when he said, “I am convinced that Karl Rove will, in fact, be indicted.” The anger and disappointment just radiate from the TV:

UNGER: David, as you reported, your sources seemed to indicate that Karl Rove would be indicted. What happened?SHUSTER: Well, sometimes when you’re trying to track a secret grand jury investigation, the legal sources — the defense lawyers who have witnesses in front of that grand jury — sometimes they get it wrong. And that seemed to be the case in this particular case.

Shuster can blame his sources all he wants. The bottom line is that he stepped in and made a prediction (“I am convinced”), and turned out to have gotten his analysis wrong. Why can’t Shuster ever admit when he’s made a mistake?
Video here.


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