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Not Liberal Enough

To follow up on this post, here’s some footage from MSNBC’s coverage of Bush’s press conference today featuring all three of the left-wing blogosphere’s most wanted: Chris Matthews, Tim Russert and Dana Milbank of the the Washington Post.
First, Matthews points out what appears to him to be a “contradiction” in Bush’s position on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (Bush’s position is that FISA is outdated but doesn’t require updating because the current surveillance program is legal). Russert agrees and argues that FISA is very clear on requiring new legislation authorizing the NSA to eavesdrop within the United States. Both miss the point that Bush has argued that the authorization to use military force after Sept. 11th gave him the authority to intercept suspected al Qaeda communications coming into the United States.
In the next clip, Matthews asks Dana Milbank what the headline for tomorrow will be. Milbank responds by quoting an LA Times reporter who compared Bush to Nixon in the press conference. Milbank says the reporter drew the comparison by saying that like Nixon, Bush seemed to be saying that his wiretapping activity was legal just because he said so — which completely ignores the complex legal arguments the administration has made supporting its position. Matthews and Milbank had a good laugh about the Bush-Nixon comparison.
Remember, the left-wing is arguing that these guys are too conservative.
Video here.

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