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Not That Senator, Not Those Real-Estate Ties

When I saw this headline in the New York Times this morning, I thought perhaps the Times was finally devoting proper attention to Barack Obama’s connections with Tony Rezko.

Senator’s Ties to Real Estate Draw Criticism 

But, reading further:

[Richard C.] Shelby, 74, does not run a key Congressional committee. Instead, as the ranking Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, he is using his clout and the Democrats’ slim majority in the Senate to help determine what gets in, or almost as important, what is left out, of legislation.
He will soon play a major role in deciding the fate of one such bill, to help struggling homeowners, that the House passed, 266 to 154, on Thursday.
But over the years, his critics say, Mr. Shelby’s ties to the mortgage industry and the Alabama real estate market, and the generous campaign donations he receives from financial services companies, have distorted his perspective and led him to delay critical legislative remedies.

Nope. Just another story about yet another corrupt Republican.

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