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Novak’s Revelation…

revealed little we didn’t already know. But let’s just go through it one more time, just so we’re clear:

  1. Some administration guy (probably Richard Armitage), whom Novak describes as “not a political gunslinger,” told Novak “inadvertant[ly]” that Wilson’s wife worked at the CIA and probably recommended him for his trip to Africa;
  2. Novak confirmed the information with Karl Rove and CIA spokesman Bill Harlow, although the particulars of these convos remain a matter of dispute;
  3. Novak looked up Joe Wilson in “Who’s Who in America” and discovered the name of his super-secret agent wife: Valerie Plame;
  4. Thus fatally undermining fevered accusations that the White House plotted to “out” Plame as a matter of retaliation for Wilson’s op-ed about his tea party in Niger.

Did I miss anything?


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