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So, I was flipping through the channels last night and I came across this show on Al Gore and Keith Olbermann’s Current TV, Kill It, Cook It, Eat It.  Here’s a summary of the show:

Ever wonder where your food comes from? In each episode of “Kill It, Cook It, Eat It,” a diverse group of participants is challenged to procure their main course the old-fashioned way: by hunting and killing their chosen prey, butchering it in the slaughterhouse, helping to prepare it in the kitchen, and ultimately sampling it at the dinner table. Some may enjoy the process while others recoil, but for each diner it’s an intense journey that just may change their perspectives — and appetites.

But when Sarah Palin does the very same, she’s ripped by the Left for it? Al Gore must make it cool or something.

Anyway, I hope Keith enjoys his new home where Rachel Maddow has been replaced by the artisanal abattoir.


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