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NPR for Webb?

From NRO reader Frank B.:

I heard what amounted to a fund-raising commercial for Allen’s dem challenger Webb on NPR today (link here). I’d suggest skipping to the 5:15 minute mark for the really good stuff. The NPR “news” piece wraps with: Webb’s son is fighting in Iraq; Webb is campaigning in combat boots from his son; Barack Obama loves Webb; Webb is short on money and Allen has millions; the race is tightening; Webb and the democrats are hoping he receives an influx of cash (hint); because it will take a win by a longshot like Webb for the dems to take control of the Senate (hint, hint).
I’m not kidding. I heard this in my car and swore I was hearing a DNC or MoveOn ad. The only difference is that NPR didn’t close the deal with a specific request for cash.

The worst part? Frank adds: “I probably contributed a thousandth of a penny or so to that ad!”

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