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NY Mag: Bike Lanes in NYC Are Like 9/11

Fishbowl DC:

The latest issue of New York features a cover story on one of the city’s hottest topics: The bike lane debate. . . . The article thankfully takes time to present all sides of the argument, but there are still some fantastic quotes, like this one:

The anarchy that has been allowed to prevail is astonishing. According to butterfly theory, according to chaos theory, I am sure that the level of emotional and psychological damage wrought by the bicycle far exceeds the damage done by cars. It is homegrown terrorism. The cumulative effect is equivalent to what happened on 9/11.

And no, that’s not 9-11 machine Rudy Giuliani talking, that’s an ex-bike shop owner! But hey, the guy has theories backing him – so he must not be overreacting.

And über-flak Howard Wolfson, now in the employ of Daddy Warbucks Mayor Bloomberg, responded here. The last is my favorite:

66 percent of the bike lanes installed have had no effects on parking or on then umber of moving lanes.

So, only 34 percent of bike lanes have messed up the lives of regular New Yorkers!

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