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NY Times Beyond Parody: An Ongoing Series

A reader writes in to share this from a New York Times sports blog. Apparently, they can’t even keep the politics out of horseracing. Inviting readers to name horses, the Times writers lay down the political law early:

Sorry, we’re both leftists, and those names aren’t that funny anyway. If that bothers you, well sue us! We’ve seen names like THANKSDUBYA. Why name your horse after a misguided war, anyway, unless it’s something imaginative, like POLISH NAVY?

What kind of horseracing blogger feels the need to describe himself as a leftist? This is risible. These are the sort of twerps who cannot talk about turnips without making them a political issue. Sure, you expect some scathing leftist commentary on the Times’ business page, the food section, the arts coverage, the travel notes, baseball columns, local news, the special weekend sections, the colophon, and the classified advertising, but the horseracing blog? Is nothing sacred?


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