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NYC Radio Station Censors Pro-Israel Ad

From Today’s NY Post (Why this is in Page Six and not some other section is a mystery to me):

April 8, 2008 — WQXR, the sleepy classical radio station owned by the New York Times, likes to avoid upsetting listeners with anything remotely controversial – and that has a prominent Jewish group crying foul.
The Manhattan-based American Jewish Committee, founded in 1906 to help “safeguard and strengthen Jews and Jewish life worldwide,” says station brass unfairly killed a paid 60-second commentary about bombings carried out against Israel by the militant Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas.

Here’s the text of the ad, as reported by the Post:

“Imagine you had 15 seconds to find shelter from an incoming missile. Fifteen seconds to locate your children, help an elderly relative, assist a disabled person to find shelter. That’s all the residents of Sderot and neighboring Israeli towns have. Day or night, the sirens go on. Fifteen seconds later, the missiles, fired from Hamas-controlled Gaza, hit . . . Their aim is to kill and wound and demoralize . . . This is what Israelis experience daily.”

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