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NYPo Flame War

One edition of the New York Post this week contains no fewer than three articles berating the New York Times. First Michelle Malkin mocks the Times’s explanation of why it spiked the Obama-ACORN story before the election. Then, in an article reprinted from the UK’s Guardian, Dan Kennedy unloads on Maureen Dowd for being not just a plagiarist but a bad writer. And finally, Steve Cuozzo, the Post’s real-estate editor and restaurant critic, says that no one in New York pays attention to Times restaurant reviews anymore (subhead: “Times’ food reviews = BUPKIS!”). Over the years, the Post and its fellow New York tabloid the Daily News have mixed it up pretty good, but the Times considers itself above the fray, so most likely the broadsheet will ignore the Post’s broadside.

Fred Schwarz — Fred Schwarz is a deputy managing editor of National Review.

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