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NYT on Blogger “Spitballs”

What blogs?

“The local bloggers are longtime political activists in the state, some of them local committee people,” Ms. Hamsher said. “They blog as a way to express what they’ve been doing for a long time, anyway. For them, it’s like a cafe. It brings them together.”
In doing so, the bloggers have emerged as an important, if unofficial, source of opposition research and creative thinking for the Lamont campaign. […]
Even before the national bloggers arrived, about a half-dozen Connecticut bloggers supporting Mr. Lamont began gathering at cafes and bars to exchange ideas, offer tips about posting high-quality video and report on their campaign activities. Often, they are joined by Tim Tagaris, who works as the Internet communications director for the Lamont campaign.
“Before this race even began, there was space for this to emerge — there were writers and thinkers online and people who were already engaged,” Mr. Tagaris said in an interview. “They found a voice, the national bloggers linked to the local bloggers, and they linked to the reality on the ground.”

Honestly, I don’t know anything about them.
UPDATE: Tom Maguire doesn’t even know what blogs are.


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