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NYT: Chafee for U.N. Ambassador?

In an article about the resignation of U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, NYT reporter Christine Hauser apparently couldn’t resist taking this tongue-in-cheek shot at the Bush administration:

Earlier this month, administration officials had said that they would try to persuade Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to confirm Mr. Bolton for a new term.
But on Nov. 9, when Senator Lincoln Chafee, Republican of Rhode Island, announced that he would deny Republicans on the committee the last vote needed to send Mr. Bolton’s nomination to the full Senate, some officials began to privately acknowledge that chances of confirmation were low. […]
People who have been mentioned both inside and outside the administration as possible successors to Mr. Bolton include the American ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad; Philip D. Zelikow, the State Department counselor; Paula Dobriansky, undersecretary of state for democracy and global affairs; and Mr. Chafee.

No reasonable person could possibly believe that Bush would appoint Lincoln Chafee after his petulant behavior last month, so why include it in the article other than as a joke mocking the administration’s defeat?
UPDATE: JPod caught the NYT playing the same game last month.