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NYTimes: New Poll, Same Headline

The New York Times reported today that the results of the latest NYT/CBS News poll are in, and the results don’t look so good for Bush. Here’s the headline:

Support for Bush Continues to Drop, Poll Shows

But should we really be surprised? The paper reports every poll it takes with the same negative spin. Here are the results of a full-text Nexis search of “New York Times/CBS News Poll” since his re-election:

Poll Finds Broad Pessimism On Social Security Payments (June 19, 2005)
Bush’s Support on Major Issues Tumbles in Poll (June 17, 2005)
Bush Doesn’t Share Public’s Priorities, New Poll Indicates (March 3, 2005)
Public Voicing Doubts on Iraq And the Economy, Poll Finds (January 20, 2005)
Americans Show Clear Concerns on Bush Agenda (November 23, 2004)

No matter what, the polls are always cast in the most negative light possible. Ankle Biting Pundits examines this latest one in more detail. For starters, it has 10 percent more Democrat respondents than it does GOP respondents.

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