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Obama Gets Corrected, Again

From McClatchy: Obama develops a pattern: 

Throw the flag on: Barack Obama.
Call: Pulling opponent by the face mask.
What happened: Obama is accusing John McCain of blocking stem-cell research, using a charged appeal from the mother of a diabetic child to slam McCain falsely as someone who’s blocking a cure.
… The ad then hits home with an emotionally charged appeal from a woman who is identified as the mother of a child with diabetes.
… Why that’s wrong: McCain doesn’t oppose stem-cell research. He supports it.
He’s voted to lift President Bush’s restrictions on federal financing and to expand federal financing of stem-cell research. At some political peril, he stood by that stand during the Republican presidential primaries, when it threatened to cost him support from social conservatives.

Has Obama ever stood against something that was popular with his party and his base? Once?  
“Emotionally charged” but contrary to the facts. That’s Obama’s campaign, in sum. 

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