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Obama: Pelosi ‘One of the Greatest Speakers of All Time’

Um, what?  Watch the words spill from the president’s lips here.

The verbatim:

“I don’t think people quite understand, Nancy Pelosi is not simply the first woman Speaker of the House — I think she’s going to go down as one of the greatest Speakers of all time. And she’s very nice and she’s very friendly, but, boy, she is tough.”

I’d argue the only part of that sentence that bears any resemblance to the public’s view of Madam Speaker is that people don’t quite understand her to be any of the things Obama says about her.

One wonders what the brave professionals “liars” at the CIA might think of the president’s assessment.  Evidently, shamelessly slandering our intelligence community wins you high marks from this president.

UPDATE: I almost forgot….Pelosi was framed!


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