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Obama vs. Major Garrett

Earlier I posted that I thought the “Obama Watch” segment on Fox News Sunday was silly, but it looks like there might be more to the story than meets this eye.  Jim Geraghty linked to this Melanie Morgan blog post today

As I was waiting to go on-the-air, Major Garrett of Fox News was on stand-by to do further reporting on his excellent interview with BHO in which he simply asked a number of questions like: “Did Reverand Wright marry you? Did Reverand Wright baptize your children? How often did you attend church? Did you donate money to the church?”
After that segment aired, Major Garrett’s phone started buzzing. He recieved a call from Obama’s campaign, and they were REAMING him over the report. From his end, I heard Garrett say “I have nothing to apologize for.” 
He repeated that several times, and he amplified by saying that he was merely asking questions that everyone wanted answers to.
That did NOT satisfy Obama’s people, and Garrett flushed a couple of times while responding to the invective thrown his way.
He finally ended the conversation by saying ‘I’ll see you guys in April after I go home and visit my three children who barely know their father anymore.”

What did Obama expect?  Here’s the transcript.


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