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Obama: When Pigs Fly

After performing Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety, Roger Waters did the usual Pink Floydian thing with the giant inflatable pig. But Mr. Rogers, who apparently has never read Shut Up and Sing, made sure that the pig was festooned with the word “Obama” on its porcine belly. Not entirely sure that’s the endorsement I’d want if I were running for president of a real country, as opposed to unicorn-emperor of the mythical kingdom in Roger Waters’s head.

Unfortunately for Mr. Rogers, the giant inflatable pig broke its moorings and went floating off into the night. A $10,000 reward and lifetime passes to the Coachella music festival have been offered for the pig’s return. As the pig floated away, Mr. Rogers was heard to deadpan “That’s my pig,” which is almost up there with “What time is the next swan?” for in-concert comedy.
But one wonders if, under our byzantine campaign-finance laws, a floating. pig-shaped billboard for Barack Obama constitutes an illegal campaign donation.

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