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Obama’s ‘Special Olympics’ Gaffe

How fast will the president’s insensitive statement be spun against Republicans?  This fast.  Talking Points Memo from last night:

As most of you are aware, Obama will appear on Jay Jeno tonight. Of course, the show was already taped, and Keith Olbermann on MSNBC Countdown just let it be known that part of Obama and Leno’s chat turned to the topic of bowling. Leno asked Obama if he had taken the bowling alley out of the White House, to which Obama replied that it was still there and he had been practising. “I scored a 129…I know, it sounds like the Special Olympics.”

So there you have it. Be prepared for self-righteous indignation that Obama made a joke about handicapped kids. The horror……

I’m ready to give him a pass, I’m sure we’ll get a heartfelt apology pretty soon, but the wingnuts, who have been busy cutting back the very programs that help the physically and mentally challenged, will, of course, have a field day with this.

This blogger does have one thing correct, however.  Olbermann had the story at about 8:40 last night, beating the much linked-to Jake Tapper by about 15 minutes.

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