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“OK, folks, black bloggers to the back of the bus”

Washington Post:

With the Democratic National Convention less than three months away, and with Web pundits playing an even bigger role during the four-day event, a whole other drama is chewing up the blogosphere — and the often unmentioned Afrosphere.
A small taste of the commentary:
“OK, folks, black bloggers to the back of the bus,” read one post on the African American Political Pundit, one of the more prominent national black blogs. A posting on Georgia Politics Unfiltered, a state blog, read: “Jim Crow raises his ugly head . . . at the Democratic Convention.”
The protracted primary has been like a bottomless glass to thirsty national and local bloggers — so much to blog about! — and about 400 of them have applied to attend the convention. Although four years ago the credentialing of 30 bloggers in a single pool was a historic event, this August there are two blogger pools: a State Blogger Corps and a General Blogger Pool.
The State Corps is considered the more elite; its 55 bloggers will have floor access all four days, sit next to their state delegations and be hooked up to the Internet. Those not chosen for the State Corps are competing for spots in the General Pool, which will have rotating floor access. The State Corps list was announced nearly two weeks ago; the General Pool list, DNC officials say, will be released this week.

If Democrats can’t even manage their bloggers in an effective way, how in the world can we expect them to run the country?


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