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The Ol’ Bait-and-Double-Switch

Text messaging never made any sense. My cell provider only gives me 160 characters before it breaks the message I’m sending into multiple messages. If I receive a text message over 160 characters, Verizon just cuts off the end of the message. And if there are links in the body of the text message, my phone expands them from an embedded hyperlink to the spelled-out address. So no splashy graphics or Donate Now! links.

Therefore, you have to write a VP announcement in 160 characters, including spaces. Just try to do that. 
I asked David All (new media guru) of the David All Group how he’d avoid the size issue. (I ran “size issue” through the Bob-Herbert-a-tron and the phrase has been cleared of any racial subtext)  His response (on a Tweet, Kevin):

My guess for Barack’s VP text: He’ll drive folks back to a landing page with a video of him announcing via video and a donation appeal.

The text-message character limit probably explains the new e-mail option, as well — you can certainly get a Donate Now! button in an e-mail. So it looks like what we’ve got here is the ol’ bait-and-double-switch.

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