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Olbermann Goes For the Kill Tonight

Olbermann’s “special comment” tonight will be on Hillary Clinton.  This is going to be good…

… but tonight, for the first time and in the heart of the presidential campaign, it will be about Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and how Olbermann feels about exactly what cards she’s been playing (hint: It has something to do with her not firing Geraldine Ferraro for her controversial statement saying that Barack Obama wouldn’t have been as successful if he weren’t black. Last night Olbermann called Ferraro’s statement “clearly racist” and accused the Clinton campaign for being like South Africa under apartheid for not rejecting it and firing her.

Something to watch:  If this is accurate and Olbermann does compare HRC to “South Africa under apartheid” will Media Matters finally go after Olbermann?  This seems much worse than anything Matthews or Shuster have said in the past.


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