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Olbermann Says Tea Parties Dominated by Whites, Like MSNBC

During a follow-up discussion on DailyKos of what Keith Olbermann called the “racist” undertones of the tea party movement, one commenter offered a wry riposte, suggesting that basically, “a tea party gathering looks something like MSNBC line-up on week-days.”

Olbermann responded to the zinger with a defense mounted in the form of a diarrheic list, rattling off every person of color he could think of who had ever appeared on the network (note the vast majority are guests, or “backups). You can almost hear the “some of my best friends are black!” panic:

Lester Holt was our primary anchor at MSNBC until ‘04 or so, and he got promoted to NBC. And Alison Stewart had her own show and was my primary back-up (we got somebody named Rachel something to replace her), and then she went to raise a family (and do NPR for awhile) and now she’s back part-time as Rachel’s back-up, and Tamron is one of my back-ups and co-anchored her own two-hour political show in the afternoon, and you mentioned Christina Brown (call her “Christine” at your peril), and Carlos Watson had his own show (and that didn’t work out very well for anybody, as will occasionally happen), and Gene Robinson is with me whenever he can spare the time (and is in the studio for all our long-form political coverage, and I try to glue him to the seat next to mine), and we get Clarence Page on whenever we can, and really we do as much astronomy as we do only because Derrick Pitts is so damn good, and somebody upthread mentioned Melissa Harris-Lacewell, and Paul Mooney used to come on for political comment. I’m not satisfied with this as the status quo, but I did want to balance the picture as much as it can be. And suddenly this got me thinking, I wonder if Derrick has ever thought about politics and tv…

h/t to mediaite.


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