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Olbermann Scolds Matthews

The other day I posted that I thought MSNBC’s March 5 primary coverage was especially bad and that Keith Olbermann’s antics were wearing thin with the on-air talent.  Here’s an exchange between Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews where Olbermann basically scolds Matthews for his past comments on women that illustrates what I was getting at:

During MSNBC’s March 5 coverage of the March 4 Democratic presidential primaries and caucus, NBC News anchor Brian Williams and MSNBC hosts Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann discussed Sen. Hillary Clinton’s March 1 appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Referring to former SNL head writer Tina Fey’s statement on the February 23 edition of SNL that ” ‘bitch’ is the new black,” Matthews asked: “Dare we repeat what Tina Fey said was the new black?” Olbermann responded: “There’s another word that begins with the same letter as “black” does. Let’s distance ourselves — especially you. Distance yourself as far as you can from that.” Matthews said, “No, anyone I think would be fair, from that regard.”

Who died and left Keith Olbermann in charge?


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