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Olbermann on Spitzer

Let’s get this straight.  A highly suspect NY Times article comes out on John McCain which causes Keith Olbermann to break into a repeat of Hardball 15 minutes early to broadcast the story as “Breaking News.”  He then spent the next 45 minutes on the story.

Tonight on Countdown, the lead story is not Spitzer, but Hillary’s delegate math issues.
Not fair and not balanced.
(CNN and Fox are running the Spitzer story first.)
UPDATE:  It’s 8:37 and Olbermann is finally getting to Spitzer.
UPDATE 2:  It’s 8:43 and the story on Spitzer is now over.
UPDATE 3:  It’s time for Dan Abrams and Spitzer is the top story.  He looks like a kid on Christmas who just got a bike, a puppy and a “Red Ryder BB Gun.”
UPDATE 4:  Dan Abrams has just turned to an expert to describe how the high end prostitution business works:  Heidi Fleiss.
UPDATE 5:  It’s 9:40 and Dan Abrams is finally done talking about Spitzer


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