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Anyone who’s ever watched MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann knows he’s a stickler for accuracy. For instance, being even slightly off about the results of a poll can earn you a “Worst Person in the World” award on Olby’s show. Given the Countdown host’s strict standards, I can’t imagine what he would say if someone reported a set of poll numbers almost totally backwards:  


OLBERMANN: There is a new poll out of Newsweek that shows that Americans are backing the Iraq Study Group’s recommendations two to one. Thirty-nine percent in the survey saying they agree with the recommendations, 20 percent who do not, but the largest — or not the largest but the most impactful perhaps – number in there, the 26 percent who volunteered that they had not even heard that there had been a report.

Olbermann Watch:

For the numbers to comport with Olbermann’s lie, they would have to be 67% for, 33% against, and 0% unaware. [Olby’s guest] Dana [Milbank] showed just how pitifully sycophantic he is, referencing the 26% unaware as “the Bill O’Reilly segment”. Is there nothing he will not do to suck up to this repellent host?

I’m sure Olbermann will do the honorable thing and give himself a “Worst Person in the Word” award. Any day now. 
Video here.

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