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“One of the Best Investigative Reporters in Our Business”

That was CNN’s Jack Cafferty this afternoon, describing New Yorker correspondent Seymour Hersh. He had the misfortune of saying it just as Hersh was over on MSNBC comparing President Bush and Iranian President Ahmadinejad to squabbling fourth-graders in a sandbox:

HERSH: Let me say, really quickly, one more thing: What’s wrong with talking to the guy? I’m not talking about Ahmadinejad — he’s off the wall — but the leadership there will talk. I’m talking about the guys above. There’s a lot of people who know Iran better than we do. Some of our allies, the Brits, the Germans…
MATTHEWS: Why is President Bush so against talking to enemies?
HERSH: I just, I don’t know. If you have a kid, a little boy in fourth-grade pre-nursery, and they get in a fight, two little boys in a sandbox, they go at it, the teacher takes and pulls them apart and says, “Shake hands and go back to the box,” they do. Why doesn’t he want to talk to these guys?

Quick, call Foreign Affairs. The Best Investigative Reporter in Our Business has an analysis of the Iranian nuclear standoff we simply must get into the next issue.
For more on Hersh, check out this take by NR’s John J. Miller.
Video here.


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