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Out With the Old, In With the Old at NYT Edit Page

NYT editorial page editor Gail Collins has announced that she is taking a leave of absence to write a book. When she returns, it will be as an op-ed columnist. Deputy editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal is taking her place.
This means absolutely no change at all in the quality of the NYT editorial page, which under publisher Arthur “My Apologies” Sulzberger, Jr. has abandoned principled argument for screechy partisan point-scoring. I had an unpleasant exchange with Rosenthal when blogger Will Franklin and I caught one of his writers exaggerating in an editorial about chemical-plant security. He was last seen writing a dippy editorial about how a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young concert he attended made him pine for anti-war protests.
Rosenthal told E&P that as editorial page editor he will “continue to look at civil liberties and international issues related to torture and treatment of suspected terrorists,” and that the focus of the pages would not change substantially. At least I’ll have plenty of new material to work with.