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For the record, I don’t think the coverage of George Allen’s “macaca” remarks was overblown. What Allen said was boorish and idiotic. Who’s advising his campaign these days? David Allan Coe?

In my opinion, the person getting too much coverage today is Katie Couric. She’s the subject of at least six newspaper articles today, in which we learn:

But what about the most important thing of all?

Couric continued to deflect questions about how she’ll look at the anchor desk (if indeed there is a desk).
“I understand people may have some modicum of interest in it. I think there are many more interesting things to write about,” she said. “Truth be told, it’s about No. 57 on my to-do list. I’m really focused on the work and content of the show.”
Pressed later, she said, “I’m going to pretty much look the same way I always have. I have no plans to get a crew cut or shop at Brooks Brothers or whatever. I’ve always prided myself by the fact I’ve always tried to dress appropriately.”

Among the more hard-hitting bits of news to emerge from this avalanche of free PR for CBS: Couric will not be getting a crew cut.


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