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Pace Denies Reports That U.S. Plans to Abandon Anbar Province

At a press conference today, Gen. Peter Pace flatly denied reports that the U.S. military is planning on abandoning Anbar province to the insurgency:


Q: Some of the reports have suggested that the Pentagon, and you in particular, are considering essentially throwing in the towel in al-Anbar province, shifting those Marines to Baghdad, and simply turning al-Anbar province over to the Iraqis. Is that something that you’re giving serious consideration to?
Q: Care to elaborate on that at all?
PACE: You gave me a very straight question. I gave you a very straight answer.

Pace did, of course, elaborate on the situation in al-Anbar. The question most likely referred to the reporting of the Washington Post’s Thomas Ricks, whose recent articles on Anbar province have prompted considerable debate. Bill at INDCJournal has a good round-up.
Video here

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