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Paglia on HRC at the Convention

Camille Paglia paints a picture of Hillary Rodham Clinton in Denver:

Meanwhile, the legions of journalists who thought the defeated Hillary was going to skulk away brightly smiling like Pollyanna should have their press credentials revoked. It was obvious for months, even before the primaries were over, that she has no intention of leaving the field, now or ever. Those 18 million votes she’s claiming (really 17) contain significant numbers of Republicans who voted satirically for her during Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos, designed to prolong the Democratic primary and damage the candidates. Furthermore, only a fraction of the legitimately Democratic votes that she won belonged to Hillary die-hards anyhow. Many voters preferred other candidates who had dropped out, or they were temporarily unsure about Obama. It’s utter nonsense for Hillary to imply that the alleged 18 million form a solid, lardlike block sworn to her, as in some fascist regime, and that if they aren’t “heard” at the convention, they will swarm like lemmings to the edge of a cliff and fling themselves off.

“Solid, lardlike block” is a phrase that deserves a long career.


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