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Palestinian Journalists Launch a Free Alan Johnston Website

Almost everyone (apart from the BBC itself who don’t want to admit their anti-Israeli bias, since as a publicly-funded entity they are under a British legal obligation to be impartial) recognizes that kidnapped BBC Gaza correspondent Alan Johnston, like many of those the BBC chooses to hire as news journalists, was a “friend of the Palestinians.” 

Now Palestinian journalists have launched a “Free Alan Johnston” website.

Among the comments on it from Palestinian journalists:


* Mohammad El Gomasy: “The Palestinian People love Alan Johnston.”


* Emad Al-Masri: “Free Alan! he is our friend”


Of course, the BBC have yet to understand that coddling up to terrorists doesn’t buy you immunity when the terrorists have run out of other people to kidnap.

Thankfully, Johnston is almost certainly still alive despite reports that his kidnappers had executed him. Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has told BBC director-general Mark Thompson that an intermediary from the Palestinian security forces asked his kidnappers the name of Johnston’s cat to prove he had not been killed. They came back with the correct answer – Mombasa.

Tom Gross — Tom Gross is a former Middle East correspondent for the London Sunday Telegraph and the New York Daily News.

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