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Palin vs. the L.A. Times

Good stuff:

“It must be nice for a candidate to have major news organizations looking after his best interests like that,” Palin said in Bowling Green, Ohio. “Maybe some politicians would love to have a pet newspaper of their very own. In this case, we have a newspaper willing to throw aside even the public’s right to know in order to protect a candidate that its own editorial board has endorsed.”


Palin, in her morning comments on the subject, said that “if there’s a Pulitzer Prize category for excelling in kowtowing, then the L.A. Times, you’re winning. But it’s not too late, and if there is an ounce of credibility there, if the newspaper wants to keep that shred of credibility, let alone its dignity, then I say the public has a right to know. Let’s go to the videotape, L.A. Times.”


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