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Palin’s Clothes vs. Obama’s Ego, Part II

$2 million for Obama’s election night party. The Sun-Times:

Mayor Daley today put a $2 million price tag on the cost of city services associated with the giant Barack Obama election night rally in Grant Park.

He suggested the United Center as cheaper simpler alternative but was turned down.

The mayor said the cash-flushed Obama campaign has agreed to reimburse the city for those services because Chicago is grappling with a $465 million deficit and is in no position to pay for it.

Asked if he objected to Obama’s decision to hold the rally in Grant Park, Daley said, “Could you see me saying no to Sen. Obama? Give me a break. I’m not that dumb.”

Rather than spend the extra money on the party, why isn’t Obama giving that cash to the DNC to help out in close races?


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