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Partisanship in the News: Comedy Central

Setting aside, for a second, the hilarity of the New York Times publishing an article on partisan bias in the media, this is no surprise:

Four years later, amid the Iraq war and President George W. Bush’s re-election campaign, the audience data had shifted. Fox News viewers had become 51 percent Republican and just 30.8 percent Democratic, while MSNBC viewers leaned Democratic by 41.7 percent to 40.4 percent. Viewers of CNN, Headline News, CNBC and Comedy Central grew slightly more Democratic.

Comedy Central: no surprise. You run into a lot of tedious people if you follow politics, and one of the most tedious types is the Jon Stewart Sophisticate, the perpetually morally outraged guy with the Daily Show level of understanding, endlessly sputtering about “hypocrisy” but not quite knowing what it means. There ought to be some kind of reverse lifetime-achievement award for people like Jon Stewart.


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