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Paybacks, As They Say

One of the Spitzer prosecutions mentioned as evidence of Spitzer’s over-zealous character is that of Bank of America broker Ted Sihpol.  The Atlantic describes the prosecution as such:

Spitzer rarely made his case in court. This may be because it wasn’t clear many of the practices he prosecuted were illegal, even if they were allegedly immoral. (He’d be a better bishop than attorney general.) The rare cases he did try disappointed: minor figures, embarrassing acquittals, notably a stunning loss against a Bank of America broker named Theodore Sihpol.

Sihpol was successfully defended by NY attorney Don Buchwald against Spitzer, but eventually was forced to settle by the SEC in a civil settlement and pay a $200,000 fine.
And as the title of this post suggests, guess who is representing “Kristen”:

She has not been charged. The lawyer appointed to represent her, Don D. Buchwald, told a magistrate judge in court on Monday that she had been subpoenaed to testify in a grand jury investigation. Asked to swear that she had accurately filled out and signed a financial affidavit, she responded affirmatively.



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