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PBS: The Network Jimmy Carter Loves

During their live coverage in the 8 pm hour, PBS interviewed Jimmy Carter after Jesse Jackson Jr. spoke, and anchor Jim Lehrer referred very vaguely to the idea that Jesse Junior had troubles with Jesse Senior when he said some troublesome things about Obama (Lehrer made no reference to physiology). Carter sat down and enthusiastically told Lehrer it was a joy to be on his program. “I watch it every night.”
There’s your next ad campaign: PBS, As Calm, Soft-Spoken, and Liberal as Jimmy Carter.
David Brooks asked Carter if Obama’s problem in the polls was all “race.” Carter said it’s a factor, but not as big a factor as hacked-off Hillary die-hards. (This was not his term.) He said Obama’s election would be a enormous step forward for race relations, which stunned Lehrer.
Oh, and Greg: PBS was running large live chunks of Pelosi’s wooden remarks. (Geppetto hopes one day she’ll be a real human.)

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