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PC Media Cover Terror Bust

Leave it to Charles Johnson to capture perfectly the high comedy of our PC media trying to cover a terror bust:

Mysterious Man Arrested for Ideological Motivations

The FBI affidavit is a little clearer. The Smoking Gun summarizes:

DECEMBER 8—An Illinois man plotted to set off hand grenades at shopping malls in a holiday season terror campaign that was thwarted by federal investigators. According to an FBI affidavit, Derrick Shareef, 22, told a confidential source that he wanted to “commit violent acts of jihad,” and spoke of killing judges and blowing up public buildings. A copy of the affidavit can be found below. Shareef told the snitch that he sought “to disrupt Christmas,” adding that, “I swear by Allah man, I’m down for it too, I’m down for the cause, I’m down to live for the cause and die for the cause, man.”

To be fair, many news outlets have added the part about “violent jihad“ to later versions of their reports.