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Pentagon Combats Media Inaccuracies

The LA Times today reports on the Pentagon’s recent efforts to step up its public affairs work – particularly in the area of correcting inaccuracies in the press:

Washington — As concern in the Defense Department mounts over eroding public support for the Iraq war, the Pentagon has launched a rapid-response public relations effort to rebut news stories that officials believe are inaccurate or misleading.
Although all administrations have been critical of the media, most have avoided regular, ongoing public fights with journalists. But in recent weeks the Bush administration has shown a willingness to fight over facts and reporters’ analysis of news events.
The Defense Department’s rapid-response efforts echo an initiative called “Setting the Record Straight,” in which the White House identifies what it says are news reports’ inaccuracies or quotations out of context. Among the first results of the Pentagon response is a new “For the Record” section of the Defense Department’s website,

This is something they should have started doing a long time ago. You can find “For the Record” here.

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