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Is Perry a Birther?

Here we go again. The Left is apoplectic over this Parade Magazine interview where Perry seems to dabble in birtherism.

Do read the whole thing from the beginning and judge for yourself. To me, it sounds like Perry had just about had it with the interviewer’s attempt at gotcha questions at the start and let a little bit of his anger get away from him.

But other than the above, it’s really a fun interview. Some excerpts:

Do you feel as if the other candidates have been ganging up on you in the debates? “When you come into the fray and you’re leading in the polls, you’re going to get attacked by everyone. I get it. I’m a big boy, and I know how to play that game.”

What denomination is your church? It’s loosely affiliated with the Baptist Church. It’s evangelical and hip. When you start your service with Lynyrd Skynyrd, you know it’s nontraditional.

Tell me the differences between you and George W. Bush. You don’t have enough pages. We grew up differently. We have different value sets.

And my favorite:

Some of our recent presidents have admitted to experimenting with drugs. What about you? No, ma’am. Not unless you call caffeine a drug. Or cold beer or whiskey.

Let’s rephrase that question: Our current President has admitted to marijuana and cocaine use. What about you?


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