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Piers Morgan Falsely Claims Bill O’Reilly Wants More Gun Control

Piers Morgan has taken to Twitter in reaction to the murder of Kasandra Perkins by her NFL-player boyfriend with an ongoing rant on the need for more gun control in America.

He says it’s time for a “serious debate” on gun violence, as if all discussions to date on gun violence have been meaningless.

If Morgan wants to debate guns on his show, fine. If he wants to advocate for more gun control, fine. He can argue for an outright ban for all I care.

But if he’s serious about this “serious debate,” the least he can do is report accurately on videos he links to in trying to support his position of more restriction on guns in America.

Here Morgan is citing Bill O’Reilly to defend more gun restrictions in America. . .


And here’s the video. . .

Watch the latest video at

. . .The only problem is Bill O’Reilly says no such thing, or anything close to “America needs more gun control.”

What O’Reilly does call for are harsher prison sentences for all gun crimes, including mandatory sentences for possession of illegal guns. O’Reilly specifically calls the idea of disarming Americans “madness to even try.”

O’Reilly also cites the statistics that although handgun ownership has gone up, handgun violence has gone down.

But, if Piers Morgan wants to include in the definition of “gun control” the idea that people who commit crimes should spend more time in prison, then I guess I agree with him.


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