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Piers Morgan Interviews O.J. Simpson Jurors Regarding the Zimmerman Verdict

For the “can’t make this up” file:

As much of the nation continues to debate the verdict in the recently concluded George Zimmerman trial, on Tuesday evening “Piers Morgan Live” welcomed a pair of gentleman able to offer a very specific blend of perspective and insight.

Having served as jurors on the infamous O.J. Simpson murder case nearly two decades ago, Lionel Cryer and David Aldana are all too familiar with the pressure and scrutiny faced by the six Florida women who acquitted George Zimmerman.

In the eyes of Aldana, in both instances the right conclusion was reached:

“You have no doubt to this day that you think O.J. Simpson was not guilty?” Morgan asked.

“I don’t have any doubt whatsoever,” he declared, before continuing with his assessment of the more recent case.

“I would have found him innocent on what they had,” said the guest of Zimmerman. “It seemed like every time they would put on a witness … they were on the … defensive side. A lot of things were just not, some of the witnesses they put on, and a lot of things just didn’t make sense to me on that.”

Well, then, case closed. If an O.J. juror says Zimmerman is not guilty, that should be enough for Al Sharpton, no?


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