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Politico Interviews Barbra Streisand

Hilarious. Politco asks:

A lot of folks object to “Hollywood celebrities” participating in political discourse. Aside from pure disagreement over certain issues, why do you think there’s such a backlash when you or other well-known performers speak your mind?
On a very basic level, many people think celebrities have too much already so we shouldn’t be entitled to our political opinions. Also, the other side objects to the fact that we might be listened to. But, I see myself first and foremost as a citizen of this country. And I am outspoken about the issues I care about like healthcare, global warming, the war in Iraq, energy independence, education, poverty and so on.
I think we are all lucky to live in a country where people have the constitutional right to voice their opinion and speak their mind without punishment or penalty. Everyone should exercise that right, because it engages people in the political process and forces our candidates to be clear about their stances on important issues affecting all Americans.

Or, maybe America hates it when celebrities get into politics because they say dumb stuff like this:

How do you think the election will play itself out over the next four months? Do you think the subject of race will continue to be a factor?
As we head toward November, I think the race will continue to be close — although I hope I am wrong. But this country likes tight races and I am afraid it will ultimately come down to which campaign turns out the most voters on Election Day.

If it’s not votes, I wonder what she thinks should decide the election.


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