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Predictable in Philadelphia: Policeman Murdered, Guns Blamed

You may remember my piece on Philadelphia’s murder rate in the magazine a couple of issues back and the ensuing e-mail exchange between an editor at the Philadelphia Daily News and myself. The gist of the exchange was that I criticized Philadelphia’s institutions, particularly its newspapers, for blaming distant gun dealers for the city’s problems, rather than having a more intelligent discussion about problems closer to home. The Daily News guy said I had failed to account for what his paper had done on the subject, which I regarded and still regard as inadequate and pusillanimous.

So this week another Philadelphia police officer was murdered — again by a parolee with a history of violence — and again the Philadelphia Daily News blames guns:

The senseless shooting of police officers in broad daylight on a busy street is ruthless and alarming. It stirs outrage and fear. And it’s yet another sign of how the easy access to guns has become the leading enabler of such cold-blooded murders.

The “leading enabler”? The folks who put these hooligans on the streets would seem to be the leading enablers.
Nowhere does the Daily News editorial acknowledge that the police officer was killed by a parolee with a history of violence.

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