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Prediction of What Happens Next for Obama and the Special Olympics

Prediction:  President Obama will receive fawning MSM coverage at some point in the next few months when he invites some kids from the Special Olympics over to the White House for a staged event.  And during the MSM love-fest, there will be no mention of the previous president’s long-term involvement with the Special Olympics.

From remarks by President Bush in a 2001 holiday reception for the Special Olympics:

We gather here to celebrate achievement of the Special Olympics, itself, and those who compete.  Before we lived here, Laura and I were fortunate to be involved with the Special Olympics in Texas.  And I’ll never forget being a hugger at Texas Memorial Stadium.  Such a wonderful experience.  We’re so grateful for the Special Olympics.

And so is America because America at its best upholds the values of every person and the possibilities of every life.  And Special Olympics is an example of America at its best, sharing with the entire world a spirit of joy and kindness.

Full Bush 43 archival coverage of the Special Olympics here.

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