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Premarital Prodding from CBS

Overheard at the office: “Did you see Drudge? ‘60 Minutes’ is going to ask the Romneys if they had premarital sex. I want them to ask Hillary is she had post-marital sex.”
My friend was not just cracking wise, but observing that the networks have a funny way of never asking these kinds of personal questions to Democrats (precisely how many bales of marijuana did you smoke after college, Mr. Gore?) They employ the classic war on strait-laced conservatives: we know your leaders are all secretly dissolute, that they will fall far short of your impossibly uptight standards. Meanwhile, since the liberals have no moral standards (especially for the young, which extends, in Bill Clinton’s case, to about age 60) there can be no double standards.
It’s also interesting that CBS would try to pick on the Romney marriage, since as Kate O’Beirne cracked, he’s the only top-tier Republican in the field with one wife.

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