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The President and I Agree about MSNBC?

Seems like it.  TV Newser quotes President Obama talking to Brian Williams on cable news:

I generally don’t. Mainly because I don’t find most of the cable chatter very persuasive. I’ve used this analogy before, it feels like WWF wrestling. Everybody’s got their role to play. I know a lot of these guys. And if Pat Buchanan is having a conversation with Chris Matthews or talking to Keith Olbermann, everybody’s got their set pieces and, so, I don’t feel as if I’m learning anything from the debate.

In other words, Keith Olbermann is as fake as WWF wrestling?  That doesn’t seem to stop Team Obama from using MSNBC as an outlet of its propaganda, however.

And here’s a question to readers:  If Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews were WWF wrestlers, what would there wrestling names be?


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