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President Obama’s Disturbing Pattern of Bullying and Stereotyping

In light of the Washington Post’s Pulitzer-worthy piece today on Mitt Romney’s time in high school, conservatives decided to reciprocate and dig a little into the president’s past.

Turns out the young Barack bullied a little girl named Coretta while in elementary school! He even called her “plump.” What a jerk!

But the president’s bad behavior doesn’t end there. I went out and ordered Dreams from My Father on Kindle and discovered young Barack’s horrific treatment of his fellow college student Tim.

The future president wrote that Tim wasn’t a “conscious brother.” He “talked like Beaver Cleaver” and had a white girlfriend who, Obama guessed, listened to “country music.” What’s worse, Obama thought Tim’s real name should be “Tom.” As in Uncle. Shameful!

The good news is that young Barack learned from his bullying of blacks and stereotyping of women. You see,  at the heart of his behavior was his “fear” — “the constant, crippling fear that I didn’t belong somehow.”

Too bad Romney didn’t think to say his behavior was motivated by his being an out-of-place Mormon. Surely then his treatment from the Washington Post in its big story would have been much kinder.


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